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Conway Containers

About us
Conway Containers, our team are professionals in supply of shipping containers, spare parts and accessories for them all over the world.
A wide network of connections with terminals, shipping lines, leasing companies, agents and container equipment traders allows us to choose the most profitable equipment for you and your project.
Oneway with Conway
Asia Pacific
Oneway lease service will save you time and money, minimise logistics risks, and allow you to access distant markets.
Working with project cargo, many of our customers face the difficulty of using their containers in hard-to-reach regions after unloading, there is no such place for us, our know-how solutions and customer friendly team will be happy to assist 24/7.
Our team
They are young and ambitious professionals, with a clear understanding of working with international partners, always striving to improve their skills and qualifications.
Aleksandrs Gnedovs
Olegs Kepss
Kristaps Škuts
Managing Director
Maksim Borodin
Equipment control, Europe
George Kresnitskij
Sales, projects (Global)
Stanislav Tolstoy
Marina Lukjanova
Inventory manager
Sales, projects (Latvia)
Marija Haritonova
Akshay Rathi
Lease manager
Sales, projects (India)
Sergejs Kabanovs
Margarita Khyshiktueva
Sales, projects (Global)
Abby Zhang
Inventory manager
Andrej Remezs
Reefer Container Maintenance
Aleksandrs Rumjancevs
Reefer Container Maintenance
Sales, projects (Global)
Container parts supply
The international register of container owner codes

The international register of identification codes for container owners was originated by the Bureau International des Containers (BIC) and has been published continually since 1970. It was subsequently adopted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1972, forming an essential part of the ISO 6346 standard : “Freight Containers – Coding, Identification and Marking”. This standard also describes technical markings such as size and type code, country code and various operational marks.
Only ISO Alpha-codes (container prefixes) for identification of container owners registered with BIC may be used as unique identity marking of containers in all international transport and customs declaration documents.

The CSTA promotes professionalism, innovation and best-practice for container self-storage operators and container traders – as well as specialist providers of equipment, systems and technology.
Sales, projects (Kazakstan)
National Portable Storage Association (NPSA) is the leading trade association for companies offering secure, portable storage containers, portable or mobile storage trailers, portable or mobile offices, portable or mobile storage units and the industry that surrounds us.
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