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Shipping Containers.
Sale, leasing and transport

Sea containers.
Sale, leasing and transport
New build containers
Used containers
Reefer containers
Construction from containers
We make individual projects
Parts and accessories
Special containers
We are local
Price and quality
Reliability and reputation

Conway in Baltics:
  • Latvia, Riga / Lithuania, Vilnius / Tallinn, Estonia

Conway office Shanghai, China
Conway Trade office in Hong Kong, SAR

Conway representatives in:
  • Mumbai, India
  • Prince George BC, Canada
  • Almaty, Kazakstan

Certified components and equipment at the best price on the market.
Reputation is the main criterion for reliability. We value our name responsibly.
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    Conway Containers (Hong Kong) Limited
    Incorporation number: 3132729
    367 - 375 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan
    999077 Hong Kong
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