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Container 2.0 by “PEOPLE”
CONWAY implements Container 2.0
Option for people by “PEOPLE
Since early beginnings our organization’s fundamental aim was to manage the most effective and easy way of container leasing. Oneway usage of the container is not as simple as its sounds. The main idea behind “Oneway” solution is to reduce empty moves together with costs and eliminate unnecessary waste of energy for the environment.
Our customers react fast on the demand of the cargo owners, they need to provide exceptional service sometimes in a short time frame.

All of them want “to control their quality”, all of them want “to monitor the value” that they are offering to their customers and have visibility on their operation to optimize it and be ahead their competition.

For these reasons we give to our highly valued customers the option to order for their routes the “Container 2.0” developed and launched by our good friends “PEOPLE”.
What is it all about
Everything that moves consumes energy. All the energy consumed has a cost – a cost for our planet and an economical cost. PEOPLE provides solutions to optimise global movements of goods. They have developed solutions that optimise global transportation, reduce its ecological footprint, and support the authorities in coping with global problems such as human trafficking and smuggling.
  • CO2 Reduction
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Higher Payload
  • Fuel Saving
  • Globally Connected
Their approach is straightforward:
  • Reduce weight of the container to save energy during movement.
  • Eliminate wooden materials from the container to save trees.
  • Connect the container with people, to operate it more effectively
“Today our industry accounts for 16% of the global CO2e emissions; The good news is that we have all the tools in our hands to stop it and go to Zero Carbon emissions while reducing the costs, optimizing the whole operations and creating additional value for all stakeholders; It is just a matter of having the will to step forward and to deploy them “.
Sotirios Ptochos, Co-founder, Senior Executive at PEOPLE
Using Container2.0 helps reducing CO2 emissions, saving fuel or moving more cargo; Making it the most efficient and most environmentally friendly intermodal container globally.
  • ↓ 3.4 mn gCO2 p.a

    That's the equivalent of saving up to 34 gCO2 emissions for every km
  • ↓ 1.3K litres p.a.

    That's the equivalent of saving up to 0.013 gCO2 litres for every km
  • ⟳ 287.6K gCO2 p.a offset

    On average that's the same as saving up to 11.2 trees for every container
Moreover, instead of using wood the Container2.0 presents a unique, patented and highly-prized and recognized metallic floor panel design, which is stronger, more durable and 100% recyclable making it naturally more hygienic, odorless and sustainable than standard shipping containers currently in circulation.
By using Container 2.0
Far East to America
(12.5mn units)
more cargo can be
by Sea
25mn TEUs = 7mn tn
moved every year
New Silk Road
(410k units)
more cargo can be
by Rail
820mn TEUs = 230mn tn
moved every year
moved every year
38.8mn TEUs = 10.8mn tn
by Road
more cargo can be
(19.4mn units)
With no additional CO2 emissions
With no additional cost
With no additional CO2 emissions
With no additional cost
With no additional CO2 emissions
With no additional cost
Conway is now able to offer additional solutions to its partners which consist of:

A. Order the eco-friendliest and only smart dry container option for your routes with Conway

B. Build your own fleet of smart and sustainable containers, with additional loading capacity for your customers

C. Upgrade your own existing fleet of containers with smart devices, take control of your operations and offer visibility option to your customers

Flexibility – is what defines us. Any idea or will to improve your business operations using technological solutions can be discussed and implemented.
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